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 Who are Yaaas!? 

Yaaas is a media company bringing you all of the latest fresh, fun and exciting content on pop culture, food, entertainment, business, fitness, money, news, comics and more through articles, videos and multimedia content!

"Yaaas!" describes us PERFECTLY!!!! By it's definition in the dictionary (YAAAS! That's right! Yaaas is now in the dictionary!), "Yaaas!" is a strong expression of excitement (when yes is simply not enough)... and, let's put it this way... we are super psyched ALL. THE. TIME! We're so proud to be in Liverpool and to be reporting on all the latest awesome things going on in the city and in the wonderfully hilarious culture that is the internet! YAAAS! So yeah... that puts it rather simply :P


Here at Yaaas! we report on all the amazing things happening in our home city of Liverpool, which is where we are headquartered, but we also report on other funny, random or interesting pop culture and news that's happening across the internet! Yaaas is an internet word, and we LOVE the internet!! So we can't help but want to write about the net!

We are a news and entertainment company and therefore report on and create fact-based and opinion-based news and content that provides you with facts, embedded videos and references throughout out the article to back up any points that we discuss. If Yaaas! reporters, writers & content creators create opinion-based content that is based on their own opinions and thoughts; on news or on a situation or event taking place both on and/ or offline, they will link or embed the content so that you can make your own mind up on the content and not be influenced by our thoughts, we give anecdotes and can state our thoughts on topics however we always give the full picture and not omit any facts or information so that an opinion it "correct". We are non-partisan and do not let politics influence any of our content. We just don't do it for political goals ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we love Liverpool and the internet. We don't need to bring politics into stuff where it doesn't really belong.

Oh, just a btw, we don't do "Yellow Journalism" (which is writing utterly sensationalised, baseless, factless and exaggerated garbage to desperately get readers attention to get more clicks and views, also known as "Click Bait"), we also don't attack or write hit pieces on people (we may write about something bad someone has done or have a LOL and a meme, but we don't like getting nasty or crating a narration to suit a political goal because that's just not in us), if something serious has not been confirmed we will simply not talk about it as we do not want to base our reporting on a rumour, we also don't write false claiming articles, lie, smear people or companies and don't write content without credible facts and evidence. After all, we're not The S*n #JFT96

 Style of Content 

Yaaas! is brought to you by twenty-something Liverpool locals. We naturally write upbeat content and bring you all the latest internet news, memes, pop culture and Liverpool-centric content!

We don't have an agenda and don't let politics influence our content as that just means we're like most other media companies, we're new, fresh, non-partisan and unbiased. We just tell it as it is. If someone or a company did a bad or insensitive thing; we'll have a gander from all angles and just say it as it is, whether we are a fan of them or not! We'll tell it straight. No warping of the facts.

 What do Yaaas! do?! 

Yaaas.co.uk is the ultimate place to go for all things Liverpool and for everything that is trending! Yaaas gives you all the latest and greatest info about the world's best city! We provide up-to-date information, guides, videos, weather and articles on all of the amazing things that are happening in the wonderful City of Liverpool! We also provide a range of other services such as website design and development to individuals and businesses that want to shine in addition to our Stock Image Library! :D

 Yaaas! News in our wonderful City of Liverpool 

We're based at the heart of Liverpool City Centre in The Commercial District. We are located in the fantastic office space at LAB Liverpool (check LAB out if you're looking for some epic, relaxed and professional office space in Liverpool City Centre).

We're always out and about the city, taking photographs, recording videos, exploring side roads, finding quaint places to enjoy, visiting events as well as meeting and interviewing amazing people. All. Of. The. Time! We love Liverpool so much! It is incredible here. There is so much culture, beautiful architecture, amazing sights to see, lots of warmhearted people and some of the best coffee in the North of England! :P


Our Yaaas! Reporters are always out in the community, getting all of the latest awesome info so you can keep in the loop with everything going on in Liverpool!! We cover all of the amazing things happening in the Liverpool City Centre, as well as all of the epic stuff that's going on in the larger Liverpool City Region as a whole, including areas such as Liverpool Central, North Liverpool, Wirral, Knowsley, Sefton, South Liverpool, St. Helens and Halton!


Giz a follow @YaaasMedia & @YaaasNews on all the major social networks for frequent news, updates and articles about all things going on in Liverpool and Merseyside, as well as all the latest in pop culture and all the trending stuff that we know you'll love! :)


The Yaaas Website is your one stop shop for LITERALLY everything!! We offer all of the latest news, weather and info on the Liverpool with Yaaas News and Yaaas Weather, we provide cutting edge services that bring businesses to life with Yaaas Creative, we offer fantastic original stock photography with Yaaas Images, through The Yaaas! Forum we enable Liverpool to be hyper-connected with instant access to other members, we also offer Yaaas! Gold that offers a wealth of resources about Liverpool.

If all of that wasn't enough, we bring you all the latest on technology with Yaaas Tech, up-to-date business information and news with Yaaas Business, delightful food recipes and how to stay healthy with Yaaas Food and Yaaas Fitness... phew, out of breath... we also have Yaaas Comics bringing you hilariously relatable comic strips and much, much more! Explore yaaas.co.uk for everything you could possible ever need!

 The Founding of Yaaas! 

Yaaas! News & Media was founded by local Scouser Peter Eric Lang. Peter is a writer, illustrator and creative entrepreneur. His love for the Liverpool led him to founding Yaaas! so that he could share his knowledge and passion for all of the exciting news about things that are happening in the city, as well as all of the hilarious things that are going on in the internet!


By The Way!!!! We're not politically leaning. We don't not lean either side. We are non-partisan. We are here strictly for fun and exciting news on The World in One City! We provide up-to-date info, positive news and exciting stories from across the Liverpool and do not delve into political agendas, just an FYI.

Yaaas! Services

Yaaas! is an exciting new media & news company that has a diverse portfolio of offerings available; from Yaaas News and Yaaas Weather bringing all the latest about the Liverpool Region, to Yaaas! Creative bringing to life fantastic websites and brands for clients.

Yaaas! News

Yaaas! News brings you all of the latest exciting and news about the awesome City of Liverpool! From food & drink to travel, fun facts, money saving tips and events!

Yaaas! Weather

Yaaas! Weather brings you up-to-date weather for the next week in the Liverpool City Region so you can plan the week ahead!

Yaaas! Creative

Yaaas! Creative is The Personal Design Agency. Bringing people's visions to life through Branding, Photography, Marketing & SEO, Website Design & Development and Deisgn & Illustration.

Yaaas! Images

Yaaas! Images is your one stop shop for fantastic stock images that are available in web friendly, commercial and extended use formats at reasonable prices!


Love what we're up to?

Want us to feature you in Yaaas! News or for Yaaas! Creative to develop ​your brand with you, then let us know! We love a good chat and getting to know awesome people! We have a lot to offer and are easy to contact! Why not contact us below and get the ball rolling! :)

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