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Get an understanding of some Scouse will ya! This page will give ya the low down on what some words mean if we use 'em in our articles or videos! A'rite?

Scouse is an English dialect that you will find in the Liverpool City Region (Liverpool, Wirral, St. Helens, Sefton, Knowsley, Halton) as well as a little further afield such as North Wales and Ormskirk. When we speak we often abbreviate words or just completely change them, which quite frankly, can leave others slightly confused.

Here's some of the main Scouse words you might see around Yaaas (such as in our articles, videos & interviews):


  • 1 Minute e.g. See ya in a minute = Any length of time other than a minute, e.g. 30 minutes to 3 days.

  • 5 Minutes e.g. I'll be there in five minutes = You won't be turning up to the event.

  • 10 Minutes e.g. See you in ten! = You will probably not see them again for months or even years.


  • 'ad = Had.

  • Alright / 'ite = Hello.

  • A'rite = Alright (Hello).

  • Ar = Are.

  • 'avin = Having.


  • Baltic = Very Cold / Freezing.

  • Bin Lid = Barm Cake (Bread).

  • Blid = Lad/ Mate.

  • ​Boss = Great.

  • Brekkie = Breakfast.

  • Busy Body = Being Nosy.


  • Chocka = Very Busy.

  • 'cited = Excited.

  • Cob on = In a Bad Mood.

  • Corpie = Corporation.


  • Ded e.g. Ded Heavy = Very e.g. Very Heavy.

  • Do One = Go Away.

  • Done For e.g. You're Done For = In Deep Trouble e.g. You're In Deep Trouble Now.

  • Dunnit = Doesn't it.

  • D'ya = Do You.


  • Eee / Eeeeeeee = Disgusted in Something.

  • Eee Arr = What do you think you are doing?! (Upset, Dependent on Context).

  • Eee Arr = Here you go (A phrase that is said when passing someone an item, Dependent on Context).

  • EFC = Everton Football Club.

  • Ey = Excuse me.


  • Footy = Football.


  • G'ed = Go Ahead.

  • Geggin' in = Being Nosy.

  • Ger = Get.

  • Get in! = Good Job!

  • Get Lost! = Go Away!

  • Giz = Give.

  • Gonna = Going to.

  • Gonner e.g. You're a Gonner = Someone Who is Going to be in Deep Trouble.

  • Gorra = Got to.

  • G'wed = Go Ahead.


  • Had it = Something that is Broken.

  • I've Had it = I'm Fed Up.

  • Howdya e.g. Howdya Do That? = How Did You e.g. How Did You Do That?


  • In'it = Isn't it.

  • In For It = In Trouble.

  • 'ite = Hello.


  • Jibbed / Jibbed Off = Broken up with in a Relationship.


  • Kecks = Trousers.

  • Kick About = Playing Football.


  • La = Lad / Mate.

  • Leg it = Run for it!

  • LFC = Liverpool Football Club.

  • Lid = Lad/ Mate.

  • Liverpool City Centre = Central Liverpool.

  • Liverpool City Region = The 6 Boroughs that make up the Liverpool Region: City of Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley, St. Helens and Halton.

  • Lorra = A Lot Of.

  • Luv = Love.


  • Ma = Mum.

  • Macca = Sir Paul McCartney.

  • Made up = Happy / Excited.

  • Making a Show = Making a Fool of Yourself.

  • Me = Dependent on context, but will probably mean 'My'.

  • Merseyside = The County that encapsulates the River Mersey (Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley and St. Helens).


  • Na / Nah = No.

  • Nouse = Nous.


  • Offie = Corner Shop / Off License.

  • On Me Bill = On My Own.

  • Ozzy = Hospital.


  • Peg it = Run for it.

  • Proppa e.g. Proppa Boss = Really e.g. Really Great.


  • Quality e.g. Quality That = High Standard e.g. What you have done is to a High Standard.

  • Quarter = District/ Area (In regards to locations/ areas).


  • 'rite = Alright (Hello).


  • Scouse = Either the local stew or the Merseyside Accent/ Dialect.

  • Scran = Food.

  • Shed Loads = A Lot.

  • Sick = Awesome.

  • Sound = Good.

  • Sparkie = Electrician.

  • Sunnies = Sunglasses.

  • Sup = Hello.


  • Town e.g. You Coming Town? = City e.g. Are you coming into the City Centre today?

  • Tranmere = Either the Suburb in Birkenhead or Tranmere Rovers Football Club.

  • Trebs = Shoes.

  • TRFC = Tranmere Rovers Football Club.

  • Tryna = Trying to.




  • Wa' = What? / Pardon?

  • Well in = Good job.

  • Werk = Work.

  • Wind ya Neck in = Stop interfering.



  • Ya = You.

  • Yano = You Know.


  • Z's e.g. Going to catch some z's. = Bed e.g. I'm Going to go to Bed now.

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