Epic Looking PewDiePie PS5 DualSense Concept Mockup For The New PlayStation 5 Controller

A fan's concept for a much desired PewDiePie DualSense Controller for the upcoming PlayStation 5 has got Pewds fans excited online, with Felix fans dreaming of such a partnership for years, many years, in fact. You can check out the stylish design below.

A fan's concept for a much desired PewDiePie DualSense Controller for the PS5 (Credit: Reddit).

We have somewhat had a PewDiePie controller in the past. Sony made a bespoke, custom PS4 DualShock Controller for Felix's 26th Birthday a few years ago however, although the sentiment was very kind and the controller in its own right is awesome, the delivery of the design was slightly underwhelming as it was not particularly suited to PewDiePie and his eclectic, vivid style. Not only that, PewDiePie was the only recipient of this particular controller; and it couldn't be bought anywhere, so we're continually out of luck when it comes to PlayStation inspired Pewds merchandise.

It cannot be understated though, that the controller is pretty sweet, and what was even sweeter, was the fact that Sony sent Pewds a cake.

PewDiePie with his PlayStation cake that Sony sent to him for his Birthday (Credit: PewDiePie).

And what was even sweeter, was that the customer PewDiePie controller was waiting for Felix inside the cake! This is such a cool thing that Sony did and shows that Pewds really is rightly getting appreciated for his contribution to gaming.

PewDiePie with his '26 Dualshock Controller' that Sony sent to him for his Birthday (Credit: PewDiePie).

Another PewDiePie fan created a concept PS4 DualShock Controller mockup that would look incredible if it became an officially licensed Sony and PewDiePie product.

A fan's concept for a much desired PewDiePie DualShock Controller for the PS4 (Credit: Reddit).

We can only hope that one day our prayers are answered and we get a PewDiePie controller for the PlayStation. Could the PS5 make our wishes come true?

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