Images That Prove Horizon: Zero Dawn Is The Most Stunning Video Game On PS4 And Needs To Be Played

It's no doubt that the PS4 has an abundance of phenonminal games that look absoloutly glorious! The question is: Which game is the most stunning? There are so many contenders for the #PS4Exclusive top spot it is difficult to pick one; Bloodborne, God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us: Remastered, Persona 5, Until Dawn, Shadow of The Colossus or even The Last Guardian.

Aloy in the luscious open world that is Horizon: Zero Dawn (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment).

These are all beautifully crafted and polished games that are vying to be played again and again. However the game that I am currently head over heels for, is Horizon: Zero Dawn. Having completed the game twice in just over a week I can safely say that I can't get enough of it.

Here is a selection of screen shots that I captured whilst playing the game. Although, I have to admit that I spent almost too much time capturing these images. I will have to publish an article exclusively with as many in-game captures as I can fit into it because I spent wayyy too much time just standing around and taking photographs for no-one to enjoy their beauty.

Atmosphere, Exemplified

Aloy exploring an atmospheric location filled with history (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment).

This is one of the most intriguing passageways that your imagination could muster up! It quietly whispers to you 'Come on, explore these winding, dark caves.' The can't help but pull you in with these tight knit corridors, luring you in with #atmospheric delight. The #game is drenched with history that makes for a truly satisfying experience as you figure out what happened in this locations and why. The lore is overwhelmingly consuming and there are always collectables scattered across the landscape to drag you deeper into the world, making you care for #Aloy and her journey of discovery even more that you could have ever imagined.

Endless Opportunity For Exploration

The massive open world of Horizon: Zero Dawn can easily soak up hundrens of hours of playtime (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment).

If you can see it, you can explore it, climb it, fall of it and fight it. This game is phenomenally detailed and is epic in scale. On my first 100 hour plus #playthrough, I spent a considerable amount of time looking at the ground as I ran across the desert; watching Aloy's boots wade through the rich flowing sand, leaving behind her a trail of distinguished footprints, leaving a momentary mark on this ever-changing landscape filled with opportunity. With hundreds of #lore items to find and read, various selections of rewarding collectables, hordes of enemies to fight, numerous conspicuous caves and camps to explore and a wealth of side, main and randomly generated quests to immerse yourself into and a cast of characters that you will truly care for.

Believable, Lovable & Enriching Characters

Horizon: Zero Dawn's engaging characters interacting in a fantastic story driven game (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment).

The characters in #HorizonZeroDawn bring so much more to the world that in various other games. They live, breathe and feel. Making you helplessly feel their pain, loss, anger and strength too. The world reels you in and makes you forget about everything and connect with these characters. The quests are detailed, intriguing and detailed with exceptional levels of consistency across the the whole world; from the way the tribes view each other, to Aloy's connection with various character to the fact that each character has their own heart-breaking story to tell which propels them forward in this enchanting yet brutal world.

Eye-Watering Graphics That Are A Feast For The Eyes

The world of Horizon is so breathtaking it will likely make your eyes water (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment).

Horizon: Zero Dawn is so beautiful it will likely make your eyes water at times. Also because you'll probably be playing it Until Dawn. There is so much diversity to the world that is seamlessly blended together without me even noticing. The various climates fuse together with the slow but steady addition of snow the further North you travel and the gentle addition of sand and desert the further West you traverse. The #game creates the perfect amalgamation of different biomes that offer unique challenges that will test your skills and simultaneously give you a feast for the eyes. The way Aloy glides across the landscape and performs glorious acrobatics when fighting the mechanical beasts is exquisite. It is easily, without a doubt, one of the best looking games on the #PS4 generation by far and you need to play it.

Interactivity At Its Best

I don't think I have become this attached to companions since Skyrim (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment).

The level of interaction with the world, companions and characters is exceptional. Even the open world choices that you can make is fantastic, you are given the world and it is your to explore however you see sit. The way you can decide whether Aloy aggressively takes on #robots, gently and cautiously sneaks around them or quietly takes control of them to acquire them as friendly companions adds a real sense of choice in the game. A sense of choice that is traditionally recognised as to whether or not the game gives you options through conversation trees, which Horizon also has. For an original IP that was a massive risk, the developers #GuerrillaGames really pushed the boat out and the risk was ultimately well worth it, in abundance.

Scale Beyond Comprehension

Aloy in the expansive, seemingly never-ending, open world that is Horizon: Zero Dawn (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment).

With a flowing day and night cycle and weather systems that add layer upon layer to this dynamic world. Nothing is ever the same and this game is forever changing. You can visit a location and each time you go it will offer you a different perspective on its beauty - rain, snow, wind, fog and then combined with the timing of day or night; these locations feel fresh and new all of the time.

Despite spending more than 100+ hours on my first playthrough and earning the #PlatinumTrophy for the game, I still feel that I have only just scratched the surface of Horizon and look forward to another 100 hours on this game that will bring me a deeper appreciation of the story, characters and world that has left a beautiful mark on my heart.

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