Some Of The Most Beautiful Cats EVER! Here Are 7 Cats That Will Melt Your Heart

I am a cat person. Full stop. Cats are always there for you and ready for a cuddle. They're also there to judge you and demand food whenever they like. Yet they're still perfect, and they know it. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs. I just love cats more and they'll always be my number one! Here are some of the most beautiful cats that you'll ever see. Well, at least until my next article on more gorgeous cats!

Cat's Do Judge You, But They Can't Help It. They're Super Smart! Possibly Smarter Than Us.

Let's be honest, If they had opposable thumbs they'd be ruling us.

The Thing Is, You Can't Ignore Cats. They're Just TOO Cute!

I Could Stare Into This Beauty's Eyes All Day Long

The Coat On This Gorgeous Little Fella Is Heavenly

The Fact That Cats Are So Daft Makes Them That Bit More Beautiful

I Can't Even. I Just Can't. Too Cute!

This Little Kitten Is Picturesque. Just Beautiful.

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