What Ever Happened To Daniels From Brooklyn Nine-Nine In The Season 1 Pilot?

The underachieving slacker detectives Hitchcock and Scully at one point had a third counterpart; Daniels. In the first episode Daniels can be spotted twice, once when introducing the squad to Captain Holt and then again in a team briefing. After that, poof!, Daniels is gone. After being introduced as a main character in the pilot she somehow disappears and is never mentioned again.

Scully, Hitchcock and Daniels chatting in the 99th Precinct, right before she disappeared for good! (Credit: NBC).

There are many fan theories and and a lot of people want answers. What happened to this fabled character and will she ever make a comeback?

Dan Gore the series co-creator and executive producer said that Daniels would indeed make an appearance in Season 6 of the show and all would be explained as to what happened to her, however, Daniels didn't appear in any of the 18 episodes of Season 6 and she was not mentioned either.

Hitchcock and Scully sharing a pizza on the couch in the staff break room (Credit: NBC).

Hitchcock and Scully are fantastic characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and really add a massive amount of humour, love and additional levels of charm to the show with their hilarious adventures, funny gaffs and amusing background motions; with the pair always eating or doing something funny even when the camera is not focused on them They add a sense of comfort to the show that I really appreciate and it is something that I find a lot of fans agree with too. Their level of character consistency is brilliant and every time you rewatch an episode you will notice something new that they do.

I'm curious as to what the series would be like if a third person was on their desk island, in the form of Daniels; but nevertheless I am absolutely delighted with how the show takes care of these two characters, even if it did completely ditch Daniels harder than Holt ditched his phone into the trash can when he found out that Hitchcock, like Holt, was addicted to Kwazy Cupcakes.

Detective Daniels in the staff briefing room of the 99th Precinct, never to be seen again! (Credit: NBC).

The mystery remains, what happened to Daniels? Was she transferred? Did she get kidnapped by the mob? Did she retire? Was she fired for being so useless? Is she stuck in one of the pneumatic tubes along with Hitchcock? Has she been there the whole time and no-one has noticed her because she really is just that useless like Hitchcock and Scully? Any of these theories could be the answer, and we hope that at some point during the show this case is finally solved.

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