Yaaas! Will 'Black Out' In Full Support Of Black Lives Matter.

Yaaas! protests police brutality, the treatment of black people and The Death of George Floyd (Credit: Yaaas!).

I want to put on record that Yaaas!, and its parent The Liverpudlian News & Media, supports the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The Yaaas! website will be removing its bright, vivid red colour scheme and 'Black Out' in protest for the treatment of black people, the ongoing police brutality and The Death of George Floyd.

The fact that there has to be a movement in order to bring to the forefront the incomprehensible difficulties that black people struggle with says how far we have to go before there can be true equality.

The movement is an incredible step in the right direction and has made considerable progress in the nearly seven years it has been campaigning; in addition to the protests going on across the world as an essential way to bring the much needed attention to raise awareness and bring change to bring equality.

Yaaas! protests police brutality, the treatment of black people and The Death of George Floyd (Credit: Yaaas!).

As a white male I openly acknowledge that there is a level of privilege granted to me that dates back countless generations due to my race.

The fact that Black Lives Matter is even considered a political motion is beyond belief and shows how broken the system is so that whilst black people spend their time fighting for equality and the rights to just walk down the street or drive their cars without fear or to find a job without discrimination is truly harrowing, all the while white people are getting on with their lives because their is no-one equal to them so there is no competition and when the system is rigged the way it is, why would the establishment want anything different.

Something I cannot understand is why how truly tragic the world would be if it was just white cisgender males and females. Diversity is humanity's greatest strength but humanity is the greatest weakness when it comes to diversity, or rather, it is the deeply woven systematic levels of racism that are embedded in our culture that is the weakness for humanity.

The slate needs to be cleaned and the world needs to pave a way for acceptance and equality so that no black person lives in fear again. The fact that black people are taking to the streets in the despite being in the midst of the horrendous COVID-19 Pandemic, just shows the resilience of the community and also how detrimental the current state of society is that they would risk everything to protest perhaps a greater existential threat than the virus; racism.

Black History should not just be restrained to one month nor should Black Lives Matter only gain widespread public attention when another black person is murdered in police custody.

It is made out that 2020 is ultra progressive in regards to thought, technology and living standards but that could not be further from the truth: The Windrush Scandal, the Conservatives 'Go Home' Vans initiative, The Death of Eric Garner, The Death of George Floyd, The Death of Trayvon Martin, racial profiling, police brutality, the list is genuinely endless and it must stop. The list must stop. An end needs to be put to police brutality, the mindset that black people are valued less by society than white people. The fact that black people are ridiculously underrepresented in the entertainment industry and in recent years it is almost exclusively 'Black Pander' and 'Us' that represents the community.

Albeit Netflix is making strides to close the representational gap with shows like 'Dear White People', 'Now They See US' and 'Black Lightning'; as well as the likes of streaming service Shudder creating documentaries like 'Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror' that demonstrate the power and impact that black people have on entertainment. However outside these aforementioned titles there is not much representation for black people to relate to.

White people need to become educated about the deeply rooted struggles that black people face every single day and need to appreciate black culture for the phenomenal strength it is.

There needs to be fit and proper education on the history and recent history of black people and their contribution to the world, laws and politics need to become more progressive in their nature, police need to become more regulated and demilitarised, in addition to desperately needed representation in entertainment and the media.

#BlackLivesMatter #BLM #BlackOut #BlackOutTuesday #PoliceBrutality

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